• My pump is making a loud noise, what should I do?
      Call a professional and schedule an appointment. Loud noises are usually an indication of bearings failing in a motor or possibly an obstruction at the impeller, contact us at (817) 993-4899
    • My pump is cavitating (taking in air). What can I check?
      If your pump is running dry after initial startup, it is taking in air from somewhere on the suction side of the plumbing. Check your pool’s water level and make sure it is sufficient (just below the overflow drain). Check your skimmer weirs (flappers in the throat of your skimmers). Often debris can cause these to stick and inhibit flow. If you have a suction side cleaner make sure it is not sucking air anywhere from the head on down the hose. Sometimes the sectioned hoses will take in air if a seal is not created between the sections or through a leaf canister if it is not sealed. If all of these check out, contact us (817) 993-4899
    • I am losing water. How do I know if I have a leak?
      Leaks can be tricky and some water loss is normal. It is often due to evaporation, which is greater during periods of low humidity. Wind & normal swimming can also cause water to leave your pool through an overflow drain. Finally, backwashing your filter pumps many gallons out of your pool. Try a bucket test: bring your pool to normal operating level. Fill a 5 gallon bucket with pool water about 3-4 inches from the top and place it in the pool on a step. Turn off the pump and mark the water levels both on the inside (bucket level) and outside (pool level) of your bucket. Resume normal pool pump operation. After 24 hours record the exact amount of water loss to 1/16 of an inch. If there is a substantial variance in the amount of water loss between the two water levels, repeat the exact same process with the equipment off for 24 hours. Record the results again within 1/16 of an inch and contact us at (817) 993-4899
    • Do you give classes on how to take care of pools?

      Yes! Give us a call for a quote.

    • What if I don’t want weekly service but I want to use your services for filter cleanings and repairs?

      Not a problem! Just give us a call at (817) 993-4899

    • What if I don’t want you to clean my pool any longer?

      We have no contract with you. We feel that if your situation changes or just want to clean your pool by yourself then we don’t want you to feel that you are stuck with us. All we ask is for a five (5) day notice and we are done. It is just good business practice.

    • Will your quoted price be increased just after you get my business?

      We provide you with a fair and honest quote. We guarantee that for a minimum of one year we will not raise your price.

    • How does your service work?

      It is so easy. We come out once per week to clean your pool/spa and check and add chemicals that are needed. That is it. We bill monthly, not weekly. This gives you four free weeks per year! We do suggest with windy weather, spring, fall and after storms that you check your baskets so that your pumps do not run dry due to an overflow of debris.